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Why Use a Realtor® to help you with a Builder?

Why Use a Realtor® to help you with a Builder?

What are some examples or real life experiences which illustrate how using a Realtor helped your client when dealing with a builder?

  1. Realtors can talk to the builder rep as an equal and not as a customer.  A builder told me that a spec home they had was built for $450k and we were getting it for $416k plus $10k in appliances. With that information,  which they were hesitant to share with the buyer, I was able to let the buyer know how great a deal they were getting.
  1.  Like in any negotiations, Realtors aren’t emotionally involved.  Realtors listen to the client and are able to go back to the builder rep with a less emotional response.  It’s a good buffer.
  1.  Realtors can explain “acts of God” in terms that the buyer understands.  I assisted in the purchase of a home built in 2014 during the worst weather.  I called the City of Hilliard to see when permits were going to be granted and they also said that nothing was going to be done.  It was a great way for me to “do something” and get confirmation of information that the builder had provided.

All in all it’s not about picking out colors, trim, and flooring.  It’s more about handling the building process and unexpected hiccups.  Being the researcher and reporting back.  Giving an unbiased opinion.  Being a buffer in a highly stressful situation.

Why Do I Have to Leave My Home for a Home Inspection?

Why Do I Have to Leave My Home for a Home Inspection?

Home Inspections are a time for the property to get a thorough check up from the buyer’s inspector of choice.  Usually home inspections can take two to four hours.  So why should sellers leave? 

It has to do with privacy and space.  It allows the potential buyer to go through the house with the inspector without the feeling of the seller standing behind them and criticising.  I know it can be a long time for the seller to leave the home, especially when there are children, pets or mobility issues involved, but I feel it’s an inconvenience that will make the sale go more smoothly.

I remember when my Grandmother sold her little 1950’s ranch.  She followed that poor inspector around and commented on “how good and solid” the house was.  It was really an inconvenience for the inspector and really bothered the buyer because the buyer was unable to talk freely with the inspector.  

I felt sorry for her because she was having a hard time letting go and it was hard for her to understand that an inspection was just a part of the buying process.  If only someone had distracted her with a movie to let her be out of the home while the inspection occurred.  Luckily, the home sold, but there could have been a much easier transition that would have caused less stress for everyone involved. 

Remember:  You are selling the home.  Give the buyer their opportunity to inspect the home in peace.  Find something to do during the time requested.

What came first selling the home or buying the home?

What came first selling the home or buying the home?

It all depends on the situation.

Ideally, you do not want to depend upon the current property to sell before buying a new home.  Not many sellers want to have a contingent on the sale of a home contract on their house.  It limits the marketability of the house.  What if the home of the buyer doesn’t sell?  Then they have wasted time waiting on the buyer.

There are special cases where sellers are willing to have a home contingent on a house to sell.  There are some builders in the area that would entertain the idea, especially considering how quickly homes are selling.  There may be sellers who are willing to entertain the idea too.

Just remember, it will depend upon the situation the other party is facing.  However, the best course of action is to list your home for sale, get it in contract, and then choose a house from a pool of homes (hopefully).  Worst case scenario, you may need to  live in temporary housing for a while.

Happy house hunting!