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Real Estate is My Love

Real Estate is My Love

There I said it.  I looove being in Real Estate.

What career do you know that uses the same old documents for everything; but, with each transaction it is different?

What career do you know that has hopes and dreams tied into a piece of dirt?

What career do you know that is sometimes THE single most expensive purchase made in someone’s life?

Being a Realtor and its life style is a calling.  This is not for everyone; but, those who feel the call, it is a life changing career.  I have made good frienemies through this career.  What do I mean?  My frienemies are those that I hang out with through Women’s Council of Realtors Columbus and Columbus Realtors.   I have yet seen a career that has competition that is so giving and so caring of other’s business, community, and their clients.  I am astounded every day.

If you are a potential client, ask your potential Realtor how involved are they with their local association and Women’s Council?  It is a good way to find out how involved they are being a Realtor.  Involvement on the end of the Realtor shows how much they are committed to the industry and protecting consumer property rights.  Realtors have been consumer advocates since 1908.

Zillow’s Instant Offers

Zillow’s Instant Offers

Receive multiple no-obligation offers from investors, based on your home details and comparative sales.

It is not in Ohio, yet, but let’s talk about the ramifications of this new proposition from Zillow.  Yeah, yeah, I know what you are thinking – I am going to be against it since I am a Realtor and everything Zillow is evil.  Look, the way of the world is changing.  Catering to our consumer’s needs is where things are going.  Zillow is perceived to be more nimble and able to flush out ideas.  Yes, Realtors are going to still be here; however, we need to become better advocates for our clients than we have in the past.

Pros (according to Zillow’s Website):

  1.  Receive offers immediately.
  2. Set your own closing date.
  3. Free professional opinion of value.

Cons (according to Inman News):

  1. The investor is going to win, in this case OpenDoor.  They are going to buy the property at rock bottom prices and then flip them.
  2. It is projected that OpenDoor will make 10% more on 20% of their resales.
  3. Consumers are charged on average 8% to 9% in fees.

Yeah, soooo much better for the consumer.  Don’t let Zillow trick you into thinking that they are for the consumer’s benefit.  They are a publicly traded company that desperately needs to show a profit.  Seller beware in this ever changing environment.

Experience Counts

Experience Counts

In today’s real estate market, it is all about risk management to buy or sell a property.  For the seller, it is all about the least risk to them on the deal and for the buyer, what risks are they willing to take.  This market may not be about the most money someone will put down but also about how much risk they are or are not willing to assume.  It takes experience to manage that safely.  Not everyone has tolerance to undertake the risks.  Those who are able are finding that they are coming out ahead in the real estate market where there are more buyers than sellers.  Experience counts when you are trying to mitigate your risks.  Knowing where to tweak and how to make the other side think about what you are proposing is a mark of a seasoned real estate professional.