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Is a Real Estate Deal Simple?

Most days I sit at my desk and I count my blessings from a career in Real Estate that I so adore and love.  It is not the career that I thought of or imagined myself having when I "grow up".  If you would have asked the 18 year old Katie if she would imagine herself in this type of job one day, she probably would have told you no in a very colorful way.  This is far and away NOT the life I imagined for myself.  But, I grew and got real.

There is something very satisfying in the simplicity of a Real Estate deal.  There are in essence, very few complications to a Real Estate deal.  However when you add the human element then the whole wad can become complex and difficult in a hurry.  In my opinion, Real Estate is neither for the faint of heart nor for those who want to make a quick buck.  

It takes time, patience, perseverance, luck, and most of all, people skills to accomplish what most people have come to think as a simple Real Estate deal.

All-Encompassing Short Sale Solution in Ohio

Foreclosures are still climbing in Ohio, and even with all of the four-letter government solutions (HAMP, HAFA, HARP) it’s simply not enough. People have been drowning, being forced to walk away from their homes and take huge hits on their credit scores. A short sale offers homeowners who are facing foreclosure a way to minimize damage to their credit so that they can purchase another home sooner, but the paperwork required for a short sale can be daunting. Without the proper guidance, there are a number of risks. That’s why Northwest Title has partnered with Madison & Rosan LLP and Superior Real Estate Advisers create The Short Sale Solution.

Madison & Rosan LLP specializes in real estate law and Kristan E. Rosan, Esq., has extensive experience handling short sales. She formerly served as Chief Legal Counsel with the Ohio Division of Real Estate. Superior Real Estate Advisers is a national short sales facilitator that has handled hundreds of successful short sales transactions with the largest mortgage companies in the country. Northwest Title is Ohio’s premier title company, and I am a certified continuing education instructor, teaching courses on minimizing risk in short sales to Ohio real estate professionals.

The Short Sale Solution came about from our collective experience of seeing clients, colleagues, and homeowners frustrated by a process that was intended to ease the pain of the feeble housing market. Our primary goal is to help homeowners avoid foreclosure and get out from under the weight of their mortgages. We provide expedited, professional expertise to realtors and home sellers throughout the entire short sales process. Simplifying the short sales process and helping more people resolve their housing issues while minimizing risk is our number-one priority.

By providing realtors and homeowners the comprehensive professional and legal advice that can be so critical, The Short Sale Solution is making a difference. The paperwork involved in a short sale can be time-consuming and complicated, but our team of professionals are experts who know all of the ins and outs of the short sales process and can get transactions closed. Most important, the service is available for a flat fee, which makes it an affordable, effective solution for realtors and homeowners.

The Short Sale Solution is offering a much needed service to Ohio homeowners. The attorneys, facilitators, and title company work together to protect the seller, navigate the short sale process, and create a successful closing. Realtors interested in using The Short Sale Solution should contact Northwest Title at 614-451-6313.


Have you ever wondered how people get to (fill in the blank)?  

I am right there with you.  I sometimes wonder just how…  Then a glass of wine at a happy hour, a chat about this and that, a time out from the normal nightly routine, reminds me that it is not about wondering how…  It is creating the how.

People thrive on relationships.  Business thrives on relationships.  If you ever wonder how something is done, marvel at it's most complex simplicity first – the relationship.  The core fact on how anything is ever accomplished is the relationship that a person develops with another person.  

How hard is it to develop a relationship?

Immensly hard.  Most difficult task ever taken on by one human being.  Why?  Let's go outside ourselves.  Outside our inner, safe sanctum and put ourselves out on the line and work with another human being to trust, like, and respect us.  Phew, that is no easy feat.  

How often do you sit there and say to yourself:  "Yep, feel comfortable doing business with that person."  

The Epiphany

It takes getting to know people, perseverance, and a fair bit of hard work to build relationships.