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Security Cameras and Audio Recording Devices, Oh My!

Security Cameras and Audio Recording Devices, Oh My!


They say buyer be ware.  It is the truth.  With today’s technology, home owners have a variety of ways to have their home video or audio taped.  Buyers just be aware of your surroundings and you may want to keep private conversations – just that private.  Outside of the home you are viewing.


You have every right to protect your home!  Security cameras and audio equipment have become easy to install and small.  However, one thing I would recommend is to disclose that you have security system in place.  This could save you from headache and heartburn from a disgruntled prospect looking at your home.

Ohio Property Taxes and the Settlement Statement

Ohio Property Taxes and the Settlement Statement

What happens on a Settlement Statement to Seller Taxes?

Ohio pays their property taxes in arrears.   Meaning we pay 2015 taxes in 2016.  This can prove to be challenging concept to home buyers and can lead to confusion when they look at the Settlement Statement.  Basically, you need to know that the Seller will pay for the taxes on the home up to the date they close on the property.  Those taxes will be a “credit” on the Buyer’s Settlement Statement to be paid out in the correct time through escrow and vice versa the Seller’s Settlement Statement will see a “debt” of those taxes on their side of the statement.

I know this can be a confusing concept.  So please, don’t hesitate to contact me with questions.

How Should I Go About Pricing my Home in this Crazy Market?


A client of mine wanted to know what I thought about pricing the home low to encourage multiple offers and if they should buy before they sell.

It is a strategy that works. Pretty much every strategy works. It depends upon your willingness to wait or sell quick.