New Home Build Services. Real Simple.

Real Attention to Detail.

As a detail-oriented project manager, Katie works closely with you to understand the specifications for your property including the number of rooms, square footage, location, budget, floor plan and of course the right builder.

Real Guidance.

Katie’s knowledge of the building industry will set you on the right path on building your dream home.  It is the knowledge that this is not her first home build that will guide you through your first one or even more.

Real Commitment.

Katie cares about your comfort level and guides buyers through every step of the process of finding a new home.  She is there running interference between you and the builder.  If you have a question you want answered, Katie will persevere and find the answer for you.

Real Communication.

Once you have found the right fit, Katie addresses any and all concerns of the new home builder.  She becomes the go-to person for the new home buyer and builder to create a win-win situation.

Real Estate. Real Simple.