Selling Services

Seller Services. Real Simple.

Real Marketing.

Katie meets with sellers in-person, at their convenience, when they are ready to sell their space. She compiles a competitive marketing analysis that explains similar property sales from the past year and provides pricing guidance. She provides marketing materials and lists their property for the public on Multiple Listing Service,, and uses many other tools and outlets to help sellers market their home.

Real Collaboration.

Katie collaborates with a professional stager to help sellers present their space. She also serves as the primary contact person for the Title Company, appraiser, home inspector, lawyer, financial institutions or other entities involved in the selling process.

Real Customer Service.

Katie believes that clear communication is key and she explains detailed information and selling documents and information in layman’s terms. She wants the seller to fully understand the real estate process – so they can make the decision that is best for them. Put simply: Meeting customer service is essential.

Real Technology.

Want to learn about the role of technology in business and residential real estate?  Katie is available to speak at meetings and conferences about how technology is impacting Real Estate in central Ohio.

Real Estate. Real Simple.